International Soccer Concepts

Who We Are


We are a company based in the United States. International Soccer Concepts was founded by Ricardo Guerra, a professional with vast experience with the game. He was the exercise physiologist for Olympique de Marseille during the 2015–2016 season, during which they reached the final of the Coupe de France, and has also worked with some of the highest leagues in Europe, including Portugal and Spain. In addition, he has tested several teams in South America and Africa and has served as the exercise physiologist for the Egyptian and Qatari national soccer teams.


Ricardo with the Egyptian National Team

Egypt is the country with the most African Cups. Ricardo was part of the coaching staff as the Exercise Physiologist.

Ricardo at the Al Jazeera Club with Brazilian Renowned 1994 World Cup Winner Carlos Alberto Parreira 

The greatest tactical mind to have ever coached Brazil.

What We Do

International Soccer Concepts provides various services related to the beautiful game, including mobile physiological assessment of players and professional teams, soccer camps, seminars and lectures, and other educational tools.


We offer elite camps in different locations throughout the year

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Physiological assessments that test soccer fitness


Our seminars cover various topics that are of the utmost importance to understanding the game

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has been influenced by many different thinkers. In our classes, we synthesize the Dutch, Brazilian, French, and Spanish soccer traditions, and the Coerver Method is fundamental to our teaching philosophy.  

We are a lean, compact, and robust family-owned company. We believe that our tight-knit nature—and everything that flows from it—is our biggest strength, allowing us to maintain the high quality of our services.


Our camps are specially designed for children of all skill levels between 3-18 years old. Each camp will develop your child’s fundamental and technical soccer skills.

We also have a family owned soccer retreat in the majestic mountains outside of Rio de Janeiro, in the city of Itaipava.

Fitness Assessments

Our mobile lab is readily available to test teams, professional players, or other interested athletes in any location in the world. We provide the most specific field tests and laboratory assessments suited to the demands of the game. We have tested over 1000 players across the world, in more than 15 different countries throughout Europe, South America, Africa, North America, and Asia.

Contact Us

Telephone: 917-588-7419