Ricardo V. Guerra and Christian J. Thompson
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Agility is the ability to change directions rapidly while maintaining balance and is a vital skill necessary for successful performance in soccer where a player performs short sprints, rapid accelerations/decelerations, turns, jumps, kicks and tackles. Oftentimes, these tasks are completed while the athlete is in possession of the soccer ball. To provide guidance for training, agility assessments are often used by soccer coaches to quantify an athlete’s skill and dexterity. Yet, agility assessments are commonly conducted without the inclusion of a soccer ball and therefore may not fully represent the task demands of the sport.

PURPOSE: To determine the strength of association between trials of two validated agility tests in ball (B) and no-ball (NB) conditions.

METHODS: Twenty male NCAA Division I players [age (19.64 ± 0.8 yrs), height (176.98 ± 6.1 cm), weight (71.56 ± 6.7 kg)] performed both the Arrowhead Agility Test (AAT) and the Illinois Agility Test (IAT) on a grass soccer field. The courses were set side by side on the field and players completed both tests in a randomized order. Each player performed B and NB trials of each test in a random order. Additionally, six players completed a second trial of the Illinois Agility Test with a soccer ball to determine test-retest reliability of the assessment. Data were analyzed for significant differences using paired T-Test and association using Pearson correlation.

RESULTS: A weak positive correlation was observed between B and NB trials in the IAT (r=0.33). A moderate positive correlation was observed between B and NB trials of the Left Arrowhead Agility Test (LAAT) (r=0.49). No correlation was observed between B and NB trials of the Right Arrowhead Agility Test (RAAT) (r=0.15). Thus, performance on these agility tests without a soccer ball is not a strong predictor of performance with a soccer ball. Additionally, significant differences existed between B and NB trials, with NB trials being significantly slower in the IAT (T=-18.48, P=0.00), the RAAT (T=-17.67, P=0.00), and the LAAT (T=-25.71, P=0.00). Test-retest reliability of the IAT using a soccer ball was strong (r=0.63) and no significant differences existed between trials (T=-1.94, P=0.21), indicating that performing the IAT with a soccer ball yields reliable results. 

CONCLUSIONS: Performance on common validated agility tests yielded significantly different values when performed in B versus NB conditions. Additionally, low correlations were found in performance during B versus NB conditions.

PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: These data suggest that agility assessment in soccer should include both ball and no-ball trials to best represent the task demands of the sport. Results of these assessments may be of great value to both the head coach who is responsible for developing technical skills and the strength coach who is responsible for developing the conditioning regimen. For example, if an athlete performs poorly in an agility protocol with the ball relative to his teammates, then the head coach may implement additional drills to be performed with the ball to improve the athlete’s ball handling skills. Conversely, if an athlete performs poorly in an agility protocol without the ball relative to his teammates, then the conditioning coach may implement speed work and agility drills to improve the athlete’s dexterity. Progress can then be monitored by regular assessment of athletes throughout the training season.



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