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Topics Addressed In Strength & Conditioning for Soccer Seminar

Physiological Capacity
  • Introduction to the energy demands of the game
  • Physiological capacity of soccer players
  • Soccer specific development of aerobic capacity
  • Soccer specific development of anaerobic capacity
  • Various physiological tests
    • Practical field tests for the head coach
  • Using small sided games to develop ideal physiological capacity
  • Using various running protocols to develop ideal physiological capacity
  • Using weight training and other protocols to develop maximum power
Philosophical Differences
  • The ongoing debate between systemic training versus non-systemic training
  • Comparing the different philosophies of the Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian way of soccer specific fitness training
  • The Australian fitness development paradigm
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using various running protocols to develop soccer specific fitness
Injury Prevention
  • Proprioception development
  • Injury prevention protocols
  • Specific weight training protocols
Sports Nutrition
  • Soccer specific sports nutrition
  • Pre and post game use of ergogenic aides
  • Ideal pregame drinks
  • Ideal postgame recovery drinks
  • Various hydration techniques
  • Various recovery strategies
  • Soccer specific physiological tests
Sociological and Pedagogical Themes
  • Ideal pedagogical systems
  • Importance of a flexible mindset
  • Challenges facing the relationship between the head coach and the strength & conditioning coach
  • Player coach relationship
  • Dealing with a professional player in this day and age
  • Challenges within the locker room culture
  • Using sport psychology and motivational tools

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Strength and Conditioning for Soccer Lecture
Speaker: Ricardo Guerra

Skyline Activity Center

July 8 -12
7pm – 9pm

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